About Grooming

Our grooming salons are based at all three of our stores. We have a range of qualified grooming stylists and grooming assistants to ensure your dog is always being treated as it should be. We will always prioritise your dog's wellbeing and happiness over aesthetics as we believe this is always the most important aspect. The happier your dog is coming to the salon, the easier they will be to groom and therefore the better your dog will look at the end!

Our groomers are compassionate in handling your dog and we plan each groom around your dog’s individual needs. We know that not all dogs enjoy the grooming experience and we work very hard to create a calm environment for your dog. 

We only employ professional groomers who are experienced in grooming a wide range of breeds. We always ensure we all share the same ethos and passion for dogs (and all animals!) and this is something that will never change.

To book in please call one of our salons, directly message on our social media channels for same day response or fill out our contact page.