Iced Margarita Cocktail Fragrance Spray




  • Margarita cocktail-themed finishing fragrance spray for dogs
  • Alcohol-free, gentle water-based formula
  • Smooth, fresh iced lime fragrance
  • Deodorising properties hold the scent for longer
  • Ideal for just after grooming
  • Scented by perfumers, mixologist-approved!
  • 150ml

This fiesta of fragrance has been designed to delight your nose with bright iced lime notes and a smooth fresh undertone. This dog cologne is free from alcohol, so it’s gentle on the skin. What’s more, it smells just like a real Margarita! This dog deodoriser is the perfect solution to making canines smell great after a bath and grooming session, and for giving the coat a little refresh between bathing too! This fresh pawfume features an atomiser bottle that sprays a beauitifully fine mist for even coat coverage that won’t leave hair damp.

Choose from four carefully mixed fragrances in the Cocktails range: Pina Colada, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Daiquiri or Iced Margarita. Shaken or stirred, you’ll love them!