Bathing can play an important role in the health of your dog’s coat and skin, helping to keep your dog clean and free of dirt, bacteria and parasites.

At other times, it will be necessary to give your dog a bath when they have been in muddy puddles or rolling in who knows what!



  • How regular depends on several factors, such as the dog’s environment; lifestyle and type of coat. It is important for some breeds not to be bathed too excessively but some breeds require regular bathing.

  • For example breeds with water-repellent coats, such as Golden retrievers should be bathed less often to preserve their natural oils. Dogs with thick, double coats do best with fewer baths and instead lots of extra brushing, which gets rid of loose, dead hair and helps distribute natural oils that keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. However, some breeds with oily coats need regular bathing.

  • A way to gauge when your own dog needs a bath is to just give them a good sniff! It’s also helpful to read up on your own specific breed where you can be advised.



  • Before bathing make sure you give your dogs a very thorough brush all over to remove any knots and tangles. Try and tease apart any knots or matts gently with your fingers, combs and brushes.

  • Decide on your washing location (as you may get wet!) and have all your equipment to hand (towels, brushes, shampoo, conditioner) – as looking through your cupboards and keeping your dog still in the bath is definitely a form of art! If you have a showerproof apron pop it on or I have heard some people choose to wear their rain poncho!

  • Make sure you use specific dog shampoos and conditioners. The strong sulfates and different pH balance in humans shampoos can irritate and damage your dogs soft skin and hair follicles. Please see our website to order your shampoo. Shop our range of dog shampoos here! 


  • Use lukewarm water. Test the temperature on the inside of your wrist to check it is not too hot. A dogs skin is sensitive and should never be too hot.

  • Wet your dog down so they are saturated.

  • Work your chosen dog shampoo into a gentle lather and massage all over the body. Some dogs enjoy this process and enjoy the massage! Wash the body first and lastly the head as this can make them shake more! Be carefully to avoid the eye area!

  • Rinse well and make sure all suds are removed. Any soap left in the fur can irritate the skin once dry.

  • Some owners like to use a dog conditioner, however this is entirely optional and will be sometimes helpful for longer coated breeds of dogs that are prone to getting knots. It is a step entirely up to you and the process is the same but instead of getting suds, the product will be lathered through the coat and then again thoroughly rinsed.

Now for the really fun part!

  • If you have a shower screen or curtain or just don’t mind getting wet allow them to have a good shake to remove a good amount of water!

  • Get them to stand on a towel or absorbent mat and begin rubbing down! Rub down in the direction of their fur from the front to the rear of your dog.
    Rubbing down the fur until the outer layer is thoroughly dry and the inner is also dry to run your fingers through. If your dog is indoors or it is slightly warm, then leaving them slightly damp to dry off is fine. But ensure you check the inner legs, stomach, the hind rear end, tail and stomach for damp areas and ensure they get dry to avoid any issues.

  • We would advise thorough towel and natural air drying at home rather than using a hair dryer, particular if your dog is frightened or skittish by the sound and the heat. Using a human hair dryer can also be too hot for their skin.

  • Using a dog drying coat or mitts can be very handy now! We offer a range of dog drying coats on our website! Shop our Classic Collection  & Country Collection drying coats today.


  • For dogs with long hair or dogs prone to knotting it is always a good idea to give one final brush. Check again for any knots or matts.

  • Remember to praise and reassure your dog during and after the whole process. We do this in our salons to turn what may be a scary, negative experience into a pleasant one! We reward with treats, cuddles or even play time!

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